Chemical Emergency Agencies


With ARGOS as the Information System (IS) for Consultant Companies super visioning companies in Environmental and Safety Management for incidents with CBRN releases.

ARGOS is the powerful prognostic tool with a well proven database system for collection and presentation of data relevant for emergencies and Environmental and Safety Managers in an easily understandable form.

ARGOS facilitates the decision support, improving of situation awareness and information among the Emergency and Safety response organizations. .

Why Choose ARGOS?


Because ARGOS delivers a situation awareness for any CBRN related scenario.


ARGOS presents prognosis of how the worst-case-scenario situation may evolve.


ARGOS calculates consequences of an incident, who, where, when and how many will be effected.


ARGOS assists in dimensioning of local emergency preparedness .


ARGOS provides support in the preparedness phase with authentic training and exercises scenarios.